Weight Loss Tips

A balanced diets should be a part of achieving and maintaining any weight goal. All diets, whether intended for weight loss or for general well-being, should place a premium on good eating habits and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Healthy eating does not mean not eating, nor does it to mean that you need to eat foods that you do not enjoy. A diet intended to help with weight loss ought to be a personalized diet, developed based on the weight, height, age, physical activity levels, consumption habits, and tastes of each person.

All diets designed to help with weight loss should prioritize three important factors:

1. Reducing the number of calories consumed daily
2. Drinking water regularly
3. Regular Physical activity

General recommendations
• Do not skip or give up any of the 3 main daily meals
• Try to reduce the total amount of calories consumed daily from 2,000 to 1,200

• Do not attempt diets that limit consumption to 600-800 calories per day. These may put your health at risk.